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Nackt Yancy Mendia  Señorita Justice

Yancy Mendia

Nackt Yancy Mendia  Señorita Justice

Senorita Justice Revenge Action VHS Yancy Mendia Tito Puente Jr Eva Longoria

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Nackt Yancy Mendia  Yancy Mendia

Nackt Yancy Mendia  Three Action

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Nackt Yancy Mendia  Buy Benji

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Nackt Yancy Mendia  Yancy Mendia

Nackt Yancy Mendia  Explore Talent

Nackt Yancy Mendia  Senorita Justice

Explore Talent Acting Profile

Hall's unapologetically over-the-top work as the villain is a clear highlight - Gamer's proliferation of hopelessly underwhelming fight sequences most of which are rendered incomprehensible thanks to Neveldine and Taylor's reliance on shaky camerawork and rapid-fire editing cements its place as just another in a long line of underwhelming contemporary actioners.

  • The storyline follows Stevenson's Frank Castle as he's confronted with a vicious criminal known only as Jigsaw Dominic West , with the bulk of the proceedings essentially revolving around the brutal cat-and-mouse games that inevitably ensue between the pair.

  • ExploreTalent is neither an employment agent nor a modeling agency.

  • It's consequently impossible to envision even the most forgiving action fan finding much here worth embracing, with the brief appearance of a pre- Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria standing as Senorita Justice's one fleetingly intriguing attribute.

Three Action Films from Maple Pictures

August 2020 This article's plot summary may be.

  • Director Kantz has infused Senorita Justice with a pervasively amateurish atmosphere that's reflected in virtually all of its attributes, with Mendia's less-than-convincing and downright inept work ultimately preventing the viewer from working up any interest or sympathy in her character's plight.

  • Still, Punisher: War Zone generally comes off as an above average actioner that often harkens back to the genre's heyday in the 1980s and probably stands as the best offering out of Hollywood that Punisher fans could've hoped for.

  • Before he can shoot Anna, Detective Garcia runs in and shoots him dead.

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