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Thread by @NaturistVintage: Sun Fun, 1962 Copyright page How to Live Like a Nudist How to Live Like a Nudist (4/4) Larkspur Suntan (2/2) Polio and Old Doctor Sun Time f…

Although it may be a key attraction for some, the prospect of sex with strangers isn't explicitly advertised by Desire Pearl.

  • Others used the tubes for transporting perfume, directions, or cocaine.

  • She was on the beach, near those neighboring resorts—a place where the boundary between Desire and the real world was thinnest, where conventionally clothed vacationers could whisper to one another about the well-heeled nudists they'd spotted.

  • The resort was quickly coming to life again, as residents got off work and came back to their alternate world.

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I've changed the names and identifying details of the hotel guests.

  • Hedonist heaven But as a self-professed hedonist heaven, none of that is the point of KitKat.

  • Soon she was rubbing one side of the guy's penis, as though sanding an irksome spot on an old wooden chair leg.

  • It was Friday night, and it was time to party.