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Beware the Fraudsters of St Pauli's Herbertstrasse / Herbertstraße

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Death of the Reeperbahn: Hamburg's streets of shame

Girls herbertstraße Beware the

Herbertstraße Girls

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Girls herbertstraße Kleine Herbertstrasse

Herbertstraße Hamburg

And if the scene witnessed on what is reputed to be the area's most titillating street brothel was anything to go by, even its practitioners have become bored with the idea of organised sex for sale.

  • But,as I heard from a local friend,they cheat the clients,so be aware.

  • Did you ever live there? The dominatrix did not bat an eyelid or even look up.

  • Für die Sexarbeiterinnen hat es sich gelohnt.

Reeperbahn 'night scene' { prices, scam } : hamburg

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  • Die Solidarität auf dem Kiez habe durch den Streit in Zeiten der Pandemie enorm zugenommen, erzählt Ingrid.

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