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Symbol Codes

See details on the Web Development This section presents information specific to Chinese.

  • With more than 125 million native speakers, Japanese is the eighth most widely spoken language in the world and the national language of a world economic powerhouse.

  • Historical Encodings Unicode utf-8 is the for Web sites.

  • Shift + NonConvert Toggle between Hiragana, Full-width Alphanumeric, and Half-width Alphanumeric mode.

Learn Basic Japanese Grammar

How to incorporate Japanese time expression into a sentence using Noun sentence or Verb sentence? F7 Convert input string to Full-width Katakana.

  • Learn also the 2 types of speech in Japanese - Polite Style and Plain Style.

  • Go through all the free lessons to have a good understanding of the basic Japanese.

  • For example, there are different counters for sheets of paper and bottles because they are different in shape.

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