Blockchain-Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Beyond the need for information, complex supply chains depend on trust to function properly. But distrust between organizations has historically discouraged them from sharing or relying on shared data. Blockchain can remedy that with a shared, permissioned record of ownership, location and movement of parts and goods. That shared record can increase efficiency, transparency and trust for any business.

Blockchain also enables parties to set up pre-arranged “smart contracts” that can be used to automatically trigger compensation or fines based on compliance with agreed-upon rules for the farming, manufacturing, and transportation of goods.

Drug Supply Chain Framework

Demonstrate Blockchain fitment and value addition in Pharmaceutical Drug related Supply Chains.

Procure To Pay

Application to have an end to end procure to pay process to enable the participating stakeholders to transact fully and also have high transparency, high-trust, Speed and cost effective.

Product Provenance in Food Retail Supply Chain

To track product provenance from farm produce thru manufacturer, warehouse, retail store and the consumer.

Steel Industry

Projects (dept) would like to track POs released to various Suppliers and different Service Providers. Currently, Inspection team does this tracking manually, to expedite Order Delivery on time and with quality.Customers would like to explore Blockchain for tracking POs for efficient Procurement and Delivery Processes.

Trust Identity Authentication

Track and trace assets through Manufacturing Distribution Order fulfilment supply chain comprising Suppliers, Logistic agencies, Port of Entries, Quality Verification Agencies and Customers, including tracking.