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Andreas ritter forseti Forseti (Band)

An Interview with Andreas Ritter (Forseti)

Andreas ritter forseti Forseti

Andreas ritter forseti SPKR

Andreas ritter forseti An Interview

Andreas ritter forseti Forseti (Band)


Andreas ritter forseti FORSETI Erde

Forseti (Band)

Andreas ritter forseti SPKR

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For example there is also quite interesting music from the north: Sigur Ros, David Darling or Ketil Bjornstad, to name but a few.

  • Nature and the saga world related to it offer so many ways of interpretation.

  • The changes in values, which have occurred in the last years or perhaps decades or centuries are explained by many as a decline in values.

  • In some ways I can deal with the modern world very well and inventions like telephone, car, computer and internet are regular elements in my life.

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Mein Ansinnen war es, da├č das St├╝ck nicht nach Fire + Ice, sondern nach Forseti klingt, aber dennoch die markante Stimme von Ian gen├╝gend zur Geltung kommt.

  • Wenn ja, welche werden es sein? Like I already mentioned before, we support each other mutually in our musical creations and are apart from that also fairly good friends.

  • Time to learn a bit more about what drives Andreas Ritter, the captain of the band.

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