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The Women Of 'Star Trek': Where Did They End Up?

Park is also a dancer, and she is active in learning more and more about it.

  • She has had a career for fifty years, and has remained relevant throughout.

  • Seska is most known for undergoing a procedure to make her appear Bajoran, in order to integrate herself with the Maquis rebels and spy on their secrets.

  • A lot of this movie is people lost in the woods and idiots screaming and flailing off and random shots of a bear, but it's foggy and kinda cool and just weird enough to hold your attention.

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Sharon Acker- Then Sharon Acker- Now Sharon Acker is Canadian, but managed to break into Hollywood.

  • The most famous role she had as a kid was undoubtedly Terry Williams in Make Room for Daddy.

  • Chief Science Officer Jadzia Dax Terry Farrell , Deep Space Nine Dax is willing to break the most embedded and valued rules of her people, the Trills, to spend the rest of her life with the woman one of her previous hosts had been married to.

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