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Combat Jets of the East German Air Force: 1970 to 1987

In 1940, the yellow-ringed roundel for aircraft fuselages was modified further — the gold outline was reduced in thickness.

  • The then-contemporary Seedrache seadragon trimotor flying boat became the Luftwaffe 's primary seaborne maritime patrol platform, with nearly 300 examples built; its trio of diesel engines gave it a 4,300 km 2,670 mi maximum range.

  • Even with such dismal degrees of success for such advanced aviation powerplant designs, more and more design proposals for new German combat aircraft in the 1943—45 period centered either around the failed Jumo 222 or HeS 011 aviation powerplants for their propulsion.

  • German defeats at the in 1942 and in the in 1943 ensured the gradual decline of the Wehrmacht on the.

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As the war progressed more air fleets were created as the areas under German rule expanded.

  • Hitler had already ordered preparations for , the invasion of the.

  • During the Second World War, the crosses would be further simplified, leaving only the borders in a contrasting colour.

  • McArthur, hitting a on its starboard quarter During the in summer 1940, the Luftwaffe inflicted severe damage on Britain's , but did not achieve the air superiority that Hitler demanded for , which was postponed and then cancelled in December 1940.