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US teen shares video of being groped on board a plane

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Society offers protection against sexualisation of girls up to a certain age, but it whips it away without warning once that girl enters adolescence.

  • They learn fashion photography techniques and how to sway their hips on a catwalk.

  • The 15-year-old girl told Channel 2 Action News she is devastated about what happened.

  • Forester smelled of booze and said she'd had a shot.

US teen shares video of being groped on board a plane

I learned early on that girlhood which I already understood to be an inferior state of being was made even more shameful for those of us unable to fulfil even the most basic of obligations that require us to be pretty, deferential and thin.

  • The family filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit Wednesday.

  • The more I think about that period of time, the angrier I become.

  • To be trusted with such adult secrets, to be looked at with such adult eyes.