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moms are pretty fuckin dope


The most recent one says: Lets watch a movie in my bedroom! During the parade, we got to talking about 4th of Julys past, and we remembered that when I was younger and we would come back to Minnesota as a family for the 4th, my mom would always get roped into making the entire parade float practically by herself.

  • Sometimes, therefore, mom opts to just hand comb all the loose strands out of her hair and stick it to the wall for safekeeping.

  • You may have noticed there is no announcement for hamliza month for 2021, which we usually put up on the 1st of November to give interested peeps some time to prepare.

  • Besides, moms are often used to holding in their pee as they juggle child care, work and chores.

My Mom

And when that happens, those nice panties that she bought with her last paycheck will get all stained and gross.

  • Might take some good old Freudian digging to help her cope with the challenges of motherhood! I want to see how you are spending your Christmas.

  • Besides, the good old self-massage that an average shower involves can definitely bring a sort-of inner peace in spite of the chaos of the outside world.

  • I was crying at this point.