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Instagram Crush: Ekaterina Busel (20 Photos)

Besides modeling, Jolie loves to paint.

  • Today, Victoria models for Saint Laurent, Dior, Chanel, and Lacoste.

  • Porn actress Ekaterina Makarova - believed to be in her mid 20s - said she had agreed three months ago to be the prize in a competition for the 100,000th visitor to a new website selling virtual arms for computer games 'Such a prize, how could they get such an idea for a 16 year old boy.

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Guinness World Records has just confirmed that Ekaterina Lisina from Russia is the new title holder for the Longest legs female.

  • I have not seen the girl.

  • She wore an orange two-piece whose top featured a triangle cut.

  • Share 'I saw her and I liked everything, she has got good sizes.

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