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The set is spectacular, the delivery was spot on, and the delivery team was respectful of our property and fast.

  • There was no packaging or foam to clean up as the sofa had been shrink wrapped, blanket wrapped then shrink wrapped again, I have never experienced any company take so much care in the delivery and ensuring my home was undamaged as these gentlemen were.

  • She makes her pottery in a light-filled, airy studio, and keeps a corner at the ready for her daily photo shoots.

  • The food, lemonade and room attendant were all so nice.


His rare global pedigree is recognized for identifying great works of art and rediscovering historically important artists of previous centuries.

  • This way those ugly black edges will be eliminated.

  • You must have an active Microsoft account to download the application.

  • Just install the program and start doing some photo editing magic.