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Among the guests were Poverty Penia and Resource Poros , son of cunning Metidos.

  • Recently, as the epidemic in Taiwan has slowed down, many restaurants and entertainment venues have been opened for internal use.

  • Eros in the Gnostic creation myth is a Gaian attribute, totally grounded in the earth and the realm of the senses.

  • It is already there in the child, but needs to be nurtured in the adolescent for two main reasons: to make sure the empathic bond with nature is carried ahead into adult life, and to prepare the adolescent to acquire and live with a social identity without sacrificing that empathy to other, all-too-human concerns.

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In other words, Sophia's life-force is transmitted to the chaotic matter in the zone She has entered.

  • Eros never runs out because the flame-to-flame dynamic permits constant renewal, or recharge.

  • The channel began remastering older videos followed by a transition from alphabet videos to and longer video lengths.

  • Knowing this to be so, and experiencing it empathically and imaginally, engages us in Sophia's correction.