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In one quick gesture, she pulls her hair back into a ponytail, limiting distractions.

  • Parker was able to convey all this with her body language, creating a visual reminder that her character was not only highly intelligent but also naturally adept at leadership.

  • We're airing sometime in 2018, not sure when.

  • Parker never let Maureen's body language show the first sign of hesitation or concern, she remained calm and in control during the entire dive.

Archive from Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Instead, they broke barriers on New York stages.

  • The Maureen that runs to the maintenance pod without hesitation is the same one Parker has been portraying for this entire episode, but now she's fueled by adrenaline, moving with such speed that she is nearly ricocheting off the walls.

  • Parker softens her voice, perhaps in a show of respect to the Captain by admitting that she'd made mistakes as a wife and mother, but her voice gathers strength and conviction when she continues that the one place she doesn't make mistakes was in her job, that their success wasn't luck, it was math.

  • Who owns the other half? Despite the ever-present greenery, there is an atmosphere of palpable tension.