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Mattel to Make 'Bald Friend of Barbie'

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Bald Barbie: Mattel Under Pressure To Mass Produce Doll For Cancer Sufferers

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Headed barbie doll bald Kindergarten student

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Headed barbie doll bald Barbie Goes

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Barbie's brand new dolls

After gaining support and much media attention, Bingham said they were invited to the Mattel headquarters in early February.

  • Mattel said they preferred to give the dolls directly to the children who would most benefit with them, instead of selling them for profit at retailers.

  • Now, it is promoting a politically correct Barbie.

  • Barbie's focus on a more expansive idea of beauty reflects a broader shift that is impacting not only the toy industry but the worlds of fashion and politics as well.

Mattel Agrees To Produce More Bald Barbie 'Ella' Dolls For Little Kids With Cancer

More inclusiveness in the toy aisle Barbie was once criticized by some observers for promoting a narrow, unrealistic ideal of what is beautiful.

  • Sypin's own daughter lost her hair after chemotherapy.

  • The wish for this petition is that the Barbie is also named Hope and a portion of proceeds from the sales of this Barbie go to St.

  • Barbie's top seller throughout 2019 was a curvy black doll with an Afro.